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"Experts Agree! Meese is a Pig" poster reproduction


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"Experts Agree! Meese is a Pig" poster reproduction 

High-Quality Full-size Reproduction of 2nd Meese Poster

DESCRIPTION:  For sale here is a modern-day, high quality inkjet print reproduction of the 2nd version of the "Meese is a Pig" poster, which I designed and silkscreened in 1987.  This is the version which says "Experts Agree!  Meese is a Pig".   Please see my other auction for a similarly high-quality inkjet print reproduction of the 1st version of the Meese poster (see details on 2 versions below).

Within USA, shipping is free for this poster

 The original poster was silk-screened by hand in the garage of Dischord House (see photos of posters drying all over the place), but the type of print for sale here is a very high-quality inkjet print (often called a "giclee" print), done on very nice, very thick on watercolor paper.   In fact, the paper used for these reproductions is much nicer in every way that what I used for the original posters.   These inkjet reproductions look exactly like the originals, and you can believe me when I say that when an original poster and one of these inkjet prints are seen side-by-side, it is hard to tell them apart.  

I have only made about 4 of these posters so far, all of which went to friends who had helped print and wheat paste the Meese posters 25 years ago.  They had been nagging me for years to dig through my archives and see if I had any extra copies they could have.  I discovered that I did not have ANY extras (or if I stashed them somewhere, I still haven't found them), and so had a very high-resolution scan made of my copies of each version of the poster.  I can say without reservation that each of my friends who bought a copy (in some cases both versions of the poster) has been very  happy with the final product.  Not quite as cool as an original poster, but since that's not going to happen, this is the next-best thing.

 I have these prints made one at a time by a very professional company, who maintain very high standards of color balance and paper and ink quality.  Each print will be printed on demand, as they are sold.  Orders will be filled and mailed out within 2 weeks of the date of purchase.  If you are not prepared to wait as long as 2 weeks for your print to be produced and mailed to you, then please do not buy a poster with unrealistic expectations.

The image size of the poster is approximately 45 1/4 inches (115 cm) tall x 29 3/4 (76 cm) wide.  The paper itself is 47 inches (120 cm) tall x 31.5 inches (80 cm) wide, and the extra paper on all sides allows for framing.  It's funny that after a certain period of time has passed, guerilla poster art originally intended to be affixed with wheat-paste might now be considered frame-worthy.  But hey, I framed one of my original posters years ago (see photo), and I personally love the irony of displaying the "Experts Agree!  Meese is a Pig" message in a gilded frame.  

HISTORY: This is certainly the most famous poster I have ever done.  Here is some background on why I did the posters and how we produced and disseminated them:

1st version of poster ("Meese is a Pig" with 3 blocks of xeroxed text glued at bottom)

 In 1987 I ( Jeff Nelson, Minor Threat / Dischord ) was so mad at the Reagan administration during the Iran-Contra scandal, and especially at Attorney General Edwin Meese for doing nothing about it, that I put together a big poster campaign around Washington, DC. 
  Both the 1st and 2nd versions of the poster (which I am now selling ink-jet reproductions of) were originally printed (silkscreened) by hand by me and many helpers in the garage of Dischord House.   Lots of members of various Dischord bands helped out, as did lots of people from Positive Force DC.  I would say that
 about 60 people from within the DC punk scene helped to silkscreen the posters.   The first version of the poster simply said "Meese Is A Pig", and at the bottom of the poster we glued 3 blocks of xeroxed text written by my friend Kurt, which laid out all the reasons why we considered Meese to be such a pig.  
My notes say that in December of 1987, we printed 250 copies of the 1st version of this poster.  
 It took big teams of people and lots of coordinating to put these posters up all over the Washington, DC area in one night, and a number of us got caught by the authorities.  

2nd version of poster ("Experts Agree!  Meese is a Pig")

For this second version, I added "Experts Agree!" at the top and removed the text at the bottom.  I
n April of 1988, Meese was still up to no good, so I designed a new version of the poster, with "Experts Agree!" at the top, of which we printed a much larger run of 750.  I remember being quite gleeful and giddy at how great the final product looked, with its ridiculous (but also quite accurate) message.
  This time, between the FBI and the U.S. Park Police and U.S. Capitol Police and Washington, DC Police and Arlington County Police and Montgomery County Police, there were quite a few law enforcement agencies out there to catch more of us, and they did just that!   I had also printed up a handful of "Experts Agree! Meese is a Pig" t-shirts for those who helped print and put up the posters, with the text from the bottom of the 1st version of the poster on the back of the shirt.  While we waited to appear in court, I decided to sell the t-shirts, and it became a very successful campaign in itself. At one point, a bicycle messenger was denied access to the Justice Department for wearing one of these shirts, and the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) threatened to sue the Justice Department for its policy regarding the shirt. Everyone was sure we had engineered the whole thing, but we had nothing to do with it - the whole thing had a life of its own. I am not sure we can take credit for his departure, but eventually the swine did resign. 

 For those of you unfamiliar with the silk-screen process, each color was printed separately, so for instance every poster would be printed with cream-colored ink, and then laid out to dry all over the place. Once dry, the posters were gathered up again, and using a different screen, the next color was printed on each poster, and this was repeated for however many colors the design used. All this was done by hand, and using the most rudimentary, homemade equipment imaginable. Therefore, the exactnesss of the registration between the various colors would vary greatly from poster to poster, making each one truly different from the next.   Obviously, most of the posters ended up slathered in wheat paste, gracing traffic control boxes and such.  A handful of posters w
ere given away to those who had helped print them and risked arrest to put them up.   
But very few copies were saved.  I saved the very best of the bunch, of course, and therefore, the poster I decided to reproduce in an ink-jet print was among those chosen as the very best of those printed.  
To be absolutely clear, I'm telling these stories and showing these photos of how many posters we silk-screened and wheatpasted back in '87 and '88 not because I am selling an original silk-screened poster here, but to give buyers more background on the ink-jet reproductions I'm now selling.  
None of the photos of the original posters being printed or posted up around DC are included in this sale.  

For sale here is a modern-day, high-quality inkjet reproduction of a 
"Meese is a Pig" poster.
The other, music-related posters I am selling on eBay are original posters, silk-screened by hand decades ago.

PROVENANCE: This poster is unconditionally guaranteed to be a modern-day copy - it is NOT an original poster from 1988!   But as I said, it's a really good copy of one of the best-looking prints we made.  This is not a limited-edition run of inkjet prints I'm selling, as that seems just a bit too elitist for something that was originally such an underground effort, meant to out and oust a scallywag.  But I did want to do justice to the original poster by making a high-quality reproduction, and I am charging accordingly.  With the price I'm asking for each poster, I suspect I won't sell too many copies, so I figure in the end the number produced will be rather self-limiting.  

If, perchance, you want to purchase BOTH this 2nd version of the "Meese is a Pig" poster as well as the 1st (text at bottom) version, just let me know.  I'll take $ 50.00 off the combined price, and you'll save money by shipping them both in the same tube.

PAYMENT: Ohio Residents add 6.75% Sales Tax to item total (not shipping).  Please pay within 3 days of auction end.

SHIPPING: Poster will be gently rolled and placed in a ridiculously strong (and pricey, and heavy) cardboard tube. Tube is 38 inches long and 5 inches in diameter, to protect the poster on its way to you.  Within USA, postage is free (Priority Mail / Insurance / Delivery Confirmation).   Outside of USA, reasonable Airmail rates apply.  I'll be happy to give you a quote for postage to your country.

REFUNDS: I guarantee 100% the authenticity of everything I am selling, and strive to describe the condition of items as accurately as possible.  I will only accept returns if you have e-mailed me first and I have agreed to refund your money.

EXCITING LIST OF SEARCH WORDS: DC hardcore, emo, eating pizza in the garage, eating pizza in the basement, fighting rats in garage, fighting rats in basement, horrible printing conditions, Iran-Contra, Oliver North, Ollie, John Poindexter, Fawn Hall, Elliot Abrams, Regan, Sandinista, Nicaragua, Justice Department, Attorney General, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, John Negroponte, Robert McFarlane, Edwin Meese III, William Casey, CIA. 

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