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Drone Strikes Create Suicide Bombers -  T-Shirt

Drone Strikes Create Suicide Bombers -  T-Shirt


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Drone Strikes Create Suicide Bombers -  T-Shirt

DESCRIPTION:  Brand new T-shirt decrying the increasing use of unmanned aerial drones by the USA to attack and kill remotely.  100% cotton Olive color shirt with Orange, Lavender, Black and Green Inks.  I have attached size charts for both Adult (Men's) and Ladies' T-shirts to give you dimensions of the various sizes, once they have been washed and dried several times.  Adult (Men's) t-shirts are Gildan brand, Ladies' t-shirts are Bella "Favorite" brand.

The text on this shirt, atop the silhouette of a Drone, says:  "Drone Strikes Create Suicide Bombers - and Destroy America's moral standing in the eyes of the World."  In smaller print, it says "We shall REAP what we SOW", and "Who Are We?"  Printed in Green ink (and nearly invisible) it says "Killing people by remote control serves only to harden hearts & minds against us", and "Cavalier. Cowardly. David & Goliath. Immoral. Inaccurate."

SOME BACKGROUND:  This is my first political shirt in 20 years.  I think the last one I did was against Oliver North, when he was running for a Senate seat in Virginia.  This shirt reflects my growing anger over something I feel is deeply un-American, and incredibly short-sighted.  Seen by many as an effective solution to the "War on Terror", since drone strikes do not require "boots on the ground", the actual repercussions of our killing those with whom we disagree by remote control (using a joystick in some remote, air-conditioned room) are FAR worse than if we were to put our troops in harm's way.  Drone strikes make those we attack (or their relatives and fellow countrymen) think we are real chickensh*ts, in that we are not even willing to risk the life of any of our soldiers - not even the life of one pilot in a plane to carry out our "surgical" (but often wildy inaccurate) strikes.  

 To me is seems increasingly clear that we are headed down the same misbegotten path as Israel, both internationally and domestically, in the manner in which we deal with those with whom we differ and who are "different."  The David and Goliath nature of the struggle, with increasingly sophisticated weaponry brought to bear against people with rocks and rifles, will have very dire and all-too-predicatable results.  Why else would so many American soliders in Iraq and Afghanistan have been killed or wounded by "improvised" explosive devices?   Many will (and do) say that the cat is already out of the bag, and armed Drones are here to stay, whether we like it or not.  It is true, that other countries already have their own Drones or have them under development, but that doesn't mean we need to take the lead in using Drones to aggressively assert ourselves in parts of the World where we are not welcome.  I am not a strict isolationist, but I think the costs of Empire are more than we can afford, in blood, treasure, and honor.  Some will think me highly naiive, but I think we should endeavor to regain the respect we once enjoyed in the world, through diplomacy and economic assistance.  It will  take years (likely decades or generations), but I believe that if we stop throwing around our weight and stop doing things that make others hate us, we will eventually be able to mend fences and make peace with most of our "enemies."

CONDITION / PROVENANCE:  As stated, this shirt is brand-new, and has never been worn.  

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REFUNDS:  I guarantee 100% the authenticity of everything I am selling, and strive to describe the condition of items as accurately as possible.  If a shirt ends up not fitting, it's no big deal to exchange it for another size - I just ask that you cover postage for both returning the shirt to me and sending you the replacement.  I will only accept returns if you have e-mailed me first and I have agreed to exchange the shirt or refund your money.
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