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DC Hardcore Flyer: Minor Threat GIs 1983 Dischord MINT

DC Hardcore Flyer: Minor Threat GIs 1983 Dischord MINT


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DC Hardcore Flyer: Minor Threat GIs 1983 Dischord MINT



DESCRIPTION: Rare, Mint-condition, large (11" x 17" [280mm x 430mm]) 2-color flyer, for a big hardcore punk show at Wilson Center in Washington, DC on February 25th, 1983. Bands that played that night were Minor Threat, Government Issue (GIs), Social Suicide, and E.N.B., although the headlining band seems to have been "Wilson Center." This flyer features a repeating image of a TV screen that I THINK is a combination of a CCTV image of someone screaming with a mushroom cloud engulfing his head. It is either incredibly compelling and meaningful or nice looking and meaningless, and if you purchase this flyer, you get to decide! You may have seen this flyer reproduced in the book "Banned in DC" (page 108 - nice reproduction!) and in the book "Fucked Up and Photocopied" (page 221). I'm pretty sure this poster was designed by Bob Raiter, who did most of the 11"x 17" flyers for Wilson Center shows. You can also see some photos from that show in "Banned In DC" (pages 107, 108, 109). About the bands playing that night, let's see - Minor Threat: from most reports, they were a bunch of monks, and had some song about not burning insense, or not being obsessed with burning insense, depending on who you talk to. After they broke up, none of them ever played music again, for fear of becoming obsessed with it. Government Issue (GIs): Definitely the longest-lived DC hardcore band of all, putting out many records. Boy, did they have lots of different line-ups over the years. Social Suicide: this was a great DC band that not enough people remember, some of whose members went on to form the Holy Rollers. E.N.B.: I had to look this one up - it stood for "Eric's New Band"! This was Eric Lagdameo's band after Red C, and they would soon change their name to Dove.

CONDITION / PROVENANCE:  This flyer is pristine (having been kept flat and away from light for over 29 years), and is unconditionally guaranteed to be an original flyer from 1983.   It comes from my (Jeff Nelson - Minor Threat / Dischord Records) punk archives, which are being downsized after continuing to be described as "too big" and "insane" or containing "more than my potential kids or grandkids will ever want."  Seeing as I am Jeff, and seeing as it feels weird to talk about myself in the third person, I am going to stop.     Please see my auction for lots of other punk/hardcore flyers and records as well as other jetsam I'll be putting up for sale...... 

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SHIPPING:  To ensure that this flyer arrives in the same good condition it's been kept in for 30 years, I  will pack it flat between multiple sheets of strong cardboard.  Believe it or not, 4 sheets of flat cardboard cost me about $3.00 for a flyer this size (I go dumpster diving as often as possible for cardboard, but I will only use new, strong cardboard for shipping a nice big flyer like this).  Priority Mail will be calculated at the end of the auction.  I am adding $ 5.00 in "handling charges":  $ 2.35 to help cover insurance ($ 2.35 is minimum fee), $ 2.00 towards cardboard, and .85 cents for the roughly 6% eBay will take from the money you pay me for postage and handling.   I try hard to charge only what I think is fair.  I am not interested in making extra money off the buyer.  

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