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3 (Three)/Happy Go Licky/Bastro Poster 1988 Dischord

3 (Three)/Happy Go Licky/Bastro Poster 1988 Dischord


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3 (Three)/Happy Go Licky/Bastro Poster 1988 Dischord

- this may well be your last chance to buy one.

DESCRIPTION: MINT condition, quite rare, large silkscreened poster (11" x 30" [280mm x 762mm]) for a 3 (Three), Happy Go Licky, and Bastro show and Vile Cherubs show at the (old) 9:30 club in Washington, D.C. on January 1st, 1988.

HISTORY: This New Year's Day show was 3's final performance. 3 was a band consisting of ex-Gray Matter members Geoff Turner, Mark Haggerty, and Steve Niles, along with Jeff Nelson (that's me) of Minor Threat. Happy Go Licky was comprised of the same four members of Rites of Spring, but playing longer, artier, more devil-may-care songs. (Guy Picciotto was also in One Last Wish and Fugazi. Eddie Janney was in The Untouchables, Faith, Skewbald/Grand Union, and One Last Wish. Michael Fellows was in Mighty Flashlight. Brendan Canty was in Deadline, One Last Wish, and Fugazi) Bastro was a band formed by two ex-members of Squirrel Bait, (David Grubbs and Clark Johnson). Our band 3 was almost called "Hundred Aker Wood", from the Winnie The Pooh books, but our eventual name of 3 was a result of my being completely obsessed with typography, and liking the numeral 3 very much (even though 8 is actually my favorite number). The other members of the band were very nice to agree to 3 as our band name, for its suitability for large posters such as this. I convinced them that we could print cool posters with huge 3s on them, which could be seen clearly from blocks away. (similar to the big, red "PIG" in the "Meese is a PIG" posters I printed that same year). Plus, I think they got worn down by my debating skills and finally gave in! ........ 

FURTHER DESCRIPTION: This poster is my second-favorite of all the posters I designed (Senator Flux with Black Cat being my favorite). It features a gesture drawing of a woman I did in drawing class, which I was quite proud of because it was a rare event when any of my gesture drawings looked like anything more than one minute of scribbling. I like her wistful, far-away gaze for the same reason I love Pre-Raphaelite stuff. I think that's why I'm such a fan of how art used to be, especially before the advent of photography, as it often aspired to a greater good, and to lofty (albeit idealized) goals. In my drawing, she looks to be of indeterminate age, but I think in actuality she was perhaps about 60 years of age, with beautiful red hair. For use in this poster, I embellished the ends of her a bit (okay, a lot) in a feeble attempt to mimic Mucha, and below her I placed a roughly-shaped box containing a big numeral 3. The poster was done in six colors of ink atop wonderful thick, cream-colored Speckletone paper stock. As was fairly common back then (at least among perfectionists who liked the look of handmade stuff), all type was done by hand, placing one letter at a time, shrinking letters with my photostat camera (see absurdly lengthy description/story in auction for 3/Vile Cherubs poster). This allowed me to make certain characters bigger, some smaller, and some raised, underlined, or upside-down. I remember being very pleased with the "3 Bands 6 Dollars 9 O'clock" line. I also remember clearly that it took me 8 HOURS to mix a purple that I was happy with for the big numeral 3. I ended up with gallons and gallons of it! Poster was printed by hand by me and other band members and friends in the garage of Dischord House, for posting all over Washington. There were only 195 posters printed, with most of them ending up slathered in wheat paste and gracing traffic control boxes and such. For those of you unfamiliar with the silk-screen process, each color was printed separately, so for instance every poster would be printed with yellow ink, and then laid out to dry all over the place. Once dry, the posters were gathered up again, and using a different screen, the next color was printed on each poster, and this was repeated for however many colors the design used. All this was done by hand, and using the most rudimentary, homemade equipment imaginable. Therefore, the exactnesss of the registration between the various colors would vary greatly from poster to poster, making each one truly different from the next. Of course, I saved the very best of the bunch, and therefore the poster for auction here is from among those chosen as the best of the 195 printed.

CONDITION: This poster is mint - It is a 10 out of 10, 10 being pristine. Might even be an 11! It has been kept flat for almost 27 years, and the colors are as vibrant as the day it was printed. It has been moved around to 3 different houses in that time, which makes the shape it's in all the more amazing. I have striven to describe things as accurately as possible, and offer a full refund if you are not totally happy with your purchase. 

THE PRICE: I'm sure that some of you may find the price to be absurd, and obnoxious, but all I can say is that you were most likely not there toiling away, day after day, night after night, to print these in the filthy garage with rain coming through the roof, water coming in from the driveway, no heat, no air conditioning, flies, mosquitoes, disgusting cave crickets or hoppers, and rats, all the while getting headaches, rotted cuticles and who knows what else from the horrible xylene-based inks and screen wash. Posters such as this took between fifty and a hundred hours to design, prepare for printing, and print, and it has further been a pain in the ass storing this and other large posters for years, keeping them flat, safe and dry. I know that none of the bands appearing on these posters I'm selling are household names, and therefore are likely not in such immediate demand.  But we always tried very hard to produce beautiful, lasting posters for our bands, a poor man's art, and I like to think that most of the posters my friends and I printed have stood up pretty well, as nice things to look at!  As I said, most of the posters we printed were slapped up with wheat paste, and given away, and as a result pristine copies are rather hard to come by. If little interest is shown in them now, I'll just hold on to them for another couple decades - and then you'll see! But you, you who have read this far, you are different -you are finding yourself agreeing with everything I'm saying, and you are finding yourself drawn to these posters featuring bands you've never heard of - you know you are wanting them, all of them, and you are finding yourself unable to stop yourself from bidding on them! You know you are wanting my old pieces of paper at any cost, and you are happily giving me the contents of your wallet.

PROVENANCE: This poster is unconditionally guaranteed to be 100% original, from 1988 (though printed in 1987). It is NOT a modern-day copy - it is an original poster from 1988, and comes from my punk archives, which are being downsized after continuing to be described as "too big" and "insane" or containing "more than my potential kids or grandkids will ever want."  Please see my auction for lots of other punk/hardcore flyers and records as well as other jetsam, things you didn't realize you needed, etc. 

PAYMENT: Ohio Residents must pay 6.75% Sales Tax (not including shipping).  Payment by PayPal.  Please pay within 3 days of auction end.

SHIPPING: Poster will be very carefully rolled, protected with tissue or tracing paper, and placed in a ridiculously strong (and pricey) tube. Tube is 5" in diameter, to prevent having to roll poster at all tightly.  Priority Mail will be calculated at auction's end.  I am charging $ 5.00 in "Handling Fees" for my supplies (tube, tracing paper) and to cover the 6% eBay will take of the money you pay me for postage.  Outside of USA, reasonable Airmail rates apply. I'll be happy to give you a quote for postage to your country.  If you might bid on some other posters or flyers I have up for auction, just let me know - I'll be happy to combine shipping, and in so doing save you money, me effort, and the Earth trees.

REFUNDS: I guarantee 100% the authenticity of everything I am selling, and strive to describe the condition of items as accurately as possible.  I will only accept returns if you have e-mailed me first and I have agreed to refund your money.

EXCITING LIST OF SEARCH WORDS: DC hardcore, emo, Punk archivist, punk packrat, too much stuff, huge gas bills, thank goodness spring has sprung, eating pizza in the garage, eating pizza in the basement, fighting rats in garage, fighting rats in basement, horrible printing conditions, silk screen, silky undergarments.  
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