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3 (Three) Vile Cherubs Silkscreened Poster Minor Threat

3 (Three) Vile Cherubs Silkscreened Poster Minor Threat


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3 (Three) Vile Cherubs Silkscreened Poster Minor Threat

I HAVE VERY FEW COPIES LEFT OF THIS POSTER - this may well be your last chance to buy one.

DESCRIPTION: MINT condition, quite rare, large silkscreened poster (11 3/4" x 34" [298mm x 864mm]) for a 3 (Three) and Vile Cherubs show at D.C. Space in Washington, D.C. on September 9th, 1987. D.C. Space (or d.c. space, as they preferred it to be written) was a great art gallery/nightclub/restaurant that hosted many great shows over the years, and now hosts a Starbucks. 3 was a band consisting of ex-Gray Matter members Geoff Turner, Mark Haggerty, and Steve Niles, along with Jeff Nelson (that's me) of Minor Threat. The Vile Cherubs were a slightly younger band, formed of mainly Georgetown Day School students, and included Jesse Quitslund, Tim Green (later in Ulysses), and Seth Lorinczi (later in Circus Lupus, Quails, Golden Bears).

HISTORY: This poster was printed by hand by Jeff Nelson and Jesse Quitslund, and other band members in the garage of Dischord House, for posting all over Washington. There were only 200 posters printed, with most of them ending up slathered in wheat paste and gracing traffic control boxes and such (see photo). Poster features picture of Hungarian composer/pianist/chick magnet Franz Liszt looking very dapper, hat in hand and holding a big 3, all done in five colors of ink atop warm gray paper stock. Of all the posters I silk-screeend, this is my third-favorite (Senator Flux Black Cat being #1, 3 Naked Lady being#2). For those of you unfamiliar with the silk-screen process, each color was printed separately, so for instance every poster would be printed with yellow ink, and then laid out to dry all over the place (see photo of posters drying in basement, before I got a proper drying rack. My old faithful Agfa Stat Camera can be seen in the background. More about the stat camera at end of this description). Once dry, the posters were gathered up again, and using a different screen, the next color was printed on each poster, and this was repeated for however many colors the design used. All this was done by hand, and using the most rudimentary, homemade equipment imaginable. Therefore, the exactnesss of the registration between the various colors would vary greatly from poster to poster, making each one truly different from the next. Of course, I saved the very best of the bunch, and therefore the poster for auction here is from among those chosen as the best of the 200 printed.

CONDITION: This poster is in very good shape - I'd give it an 8.5 or 9 out of 10, 10 being pristine. It has been kept flat for 21 years.  Still, there are tiny, very gentle bends to paper here and there, but barely noticeable.  On the back are old pieces of clear packing tape in the four corners (totally dried up, and can be pulled off quite easily, leaving a dry, powdery residue behind).  I can't remember whether I put the tape on or perhaps my parents did, but it means that the poster was on display somewhere, and therefore means it was truly one of the nicest ones I printed.  Given its age, and given that most of these posters ended up wheat-pasted on walls and traffice signal boxes, this poster is in fantastic condition, and to keep it that way, I will pack it VERY carefully in a ridiculously strong, 5" diameter tube.  Still, this poster is almost 27 years old, and has been moved around to 3 different houses, so this and other posters I'm selling will indeed show some small signs of their age. With this and all posters I'm selling, I will strive to point out any damage of note, but if you are expecting something that looks like it has never been touched by the human hand, and you think you will be extraordinarily picky about the littlest things, then perhaps you should think twice before bidding. I have striven to describe things as accurately as possible, and offer a full refund if you are not totally happy with your purchase. But please don't waste my time if you are not willing to take into account what this flyer has been through, to have survived in such good shape.

THE PRICE: I'm sure that some of you may find the starting bid to be absurd, and obnoxious, but all I can say is that you were most likely not there toiling away, day after day, night after night, to print these in the filthy garage with rain coming through the roof, water coming in from the driveway, no heat, no air conditioning, flies, mosquitoes, disgusting cave crickets or hoppers, and rats, all the while getting headaches, rotted cuticles and who knows what else from the horrible xylene-based inks and screen wash. Posters such as this took between fifty and a hundred hours to design, prepare for printing, and print, and it has further been a pain in the ass storing this and other large posters for years, keeping them flat, safe and dry. I know that none of the bands appearing on these posters I'm selling are household names, and therefore are likely not in such immediate demand.  But we always tried very hard to produce beautiful, lasting posters for our bands, a poor man's art, and I like to think that most of the posters my friends and I printed have stood up pretty well, as nice things to look at!  As I said, most of the posters we printed were slapped up with wheat paste, and given away, and as a result pristine copies are rather hard to come by. If little interest is shown in them now, I'll just hold on to them for another couple decades - and then you'll see! But you, you who have read this far, you are different -you are finding yourself agreeing with everything I'm saying, and you are finding yourself drawn to these posters featuring bands you've never heard of - you know you are wanting them, all of them, and you are finding yourself unable to stop yourself from bidding on them! You know you are wanting my old pieces of paper at any cost, and you are happily giving me the contents of your wallet.

PROVENANCE: This poster is unconditionally guaranteed to be 100% original, from 1987. It is NOT a modern-day copy - it is an original poster from 1987, and comes from my punk archives, which are being downsized after continuing to be described as "too big" and "insane" or containing "more than my potential kids or grandkids will ever want."  Please see my auction for lots of other punk/hardcore flyers and records as well as other jetsam, things you didn't realize you needed, etc. 

PAYMENT: Ohio Residents pay 6.75% Sales Tax (not including shipping).  Payment by PayPal.  Please pay within 3 days of auction end.

SHIPPING: Poster will be very carefully rolled, protected with tissue or tracing paper, and placed in a ridiculously strong (and pricey) tube. Tube is 5" in diameter, to prevent having to roll poster at all tightly.  Priority Mail will be calculated at auction's end.  I am charging $ 5.00 in "Handling Fees" for my supplies (tube, tracing paper) and to cover the 6% eBay will take of the money you pay me for postage.  Outside of USA, reasonable Airmail rates apply. I'll be happy to give you a quote for postage to your country.  If you might bid on some other posters or flyers I have up for auction, just let me know - I'll be happy to combine shipping, and in so doing save you money, me effort, and the Earth trees.

REFUNDS: I guarantee 100% the authenticity of everything I am selling, and strive to describe the condition of items as accurately as possible.  I will only accept returns if you have e-mailed me first and I have agreed to refund your money.

BEDTIME STORY: Okay, now for stat camera story. For those of you that have no idea what a photostat camera was or what they did, they were basically glorified xerox machines, that could enlarge and reduce artwork, and create halftoned photos, and the final result could be several things: Most common was a crisp black and white print on tough, plastic-y paper, called a photostat (or bromide, in some countries). Stats would then be affixed with either wax or rubber cement to whatever artwork you were creating. You could also make a reverse stat, to create a negative image. Finally, for silk-screening things, you could create transparencies, which were an essential step in reproducing detailed artwork, text and halftones. (Light passing through the film positive then "burned" the image onto a photo-sensitive emulsion) Stat cameras were absolutely indispensable for a graphic artist or advertising agency for many decades, before the computer came along and rendered them obsolete. I so wish I still had mine. There was no better way to preserve a newpaper page, for instance, than by shooting a stat of it. Properly rinsed in water to remove the fixing agent, it'd basically last forever, staying very black and white. Anyway, after several years of having a darkroom set up in the basement of the Dischord House, I moved all the equipment to an art studio/office I rented where Dischord had also rented an office, in a nice old Art Deco building right near the subway. We were there for several years, but then a horrible Republican group that ran a bootcamp for young conservatives from all over the country bought the building, and kicked out all the tenants so they could renovate it and raise everyone's rent. By this time I had moved out of the Dischord house, and so had to decide whether to find another art studio space elsewhere or to set up shop in my new (very small) house. Having come to realize that having an "official" art studio/office had made me no more productive than I had been at home (I'd ended up watching just as much TV, plus all the girls walking to and from the subway were totally distracting), I opted to move all my equipment to my new house. Unfortunately, that marked the end of my silk-screening days. I had printed so many posters and t-shirts and such in the garage of the Dischord House, but just did not have the space in my new place, with only enough space to store the equipment, not to use it. Okay, and now for the point of this whole story: the most frustrating thing of all was not being able to get my Stat Camera into the house - I tried and tried. I disassembled it as far as I could, taking off all kinds of stuff you weren't really supposed to take off. I removed the entire door frame from the house, to try to make it fit. The body of the camera ended up being 1/4" (6mm) too big to get into the house, and so I ended up storing it outside, behind the garage. Why I didn't put in inside the garage, I can't remember. I put it up on cinderblocks and covered it with a metal snow saucer and several tarps. I checked on it every once in awhile, and was upset to find an increasing amount of mold growing inside the big bellows of the camera (and probably inside the lenses as well). But the realization that it was probably time to have it taken away for scrap metal came when I was mowing the lawn one day, and decided to go after the multiple young bamboo shoots that periodically tried to encroach on the yard. I followed the trail of them with a hatchet, whacking away, and then realized that there might be one underneath the poor stat camera. I lifted up the tarps and snow saucer, and looked inside, to see a bamboo stalk growing right up through the middle of the camera, piercing and destroying the bellows. I was heartbroken, and thus ended my hopes of ever setting it back up again. I don't even think you can really get the chemicals and paper for them anymore, though, much less find a company that services them, so even if I still had it, it'd be little more than a museum piece. You can't give them away now, except to scrapyards. The same is true for the massive cameras I used to use at pre-press bureaus, which took up entire rooms. Very sad. I do hope to get back into silk-screening posters at some point, though, "when I have more time".

EXCITING LISZT OF SEARCH WORDS: Punk archivist, punk packrat, too much stuff, silk screen, top-hatted gent, eating pizza in the garage, eating pizza in the basement, fighting rats in garage, fighting rats in basement, horrible printing conditions.  Thanks for reading all this!  

Payment by PayPal only, according to eBay. Please pay within 3 or 4 days of auction end. Thanks!
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